Inbound Marketing

Traditional push marketing techniques are struggling to cut through to jaded buyers, fed up with being inundated with content and messages that are not relevant to them and interrupt their busy day.

With this increasing trend for buyers to simply ‘switch off’, a new approach to marketing has gained momentum, focusing on attracting buyers to engage with brands through useful, relevant and interesting content that can help address their challenges and pain points. Enter the concept of inbound marketing, something we at Mexia have been working on since 2015.

Our team has built a host of technical skills to complement our core expertise in creating great content. In addition to familiarity with a wide range of blogging, email marketing and marketing automation platforms, the team at Mexia is certified in inbound marketing and market leading platform Hubspot.

We can help you to develop campaigns that attract buyers, capture their interest and nurture the relationship to create a healthy pipeline of qualified buyers for your sales team to leverage.

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