High profile PR drives business for sli.do’s UK debut

Mexia was appointed by audience engagement tools specialist sli.do to raise the profile of the new tech start-up amongst UK event organisers. Following a discussion on Twitter and initial meeting, sli.do engaged Mexia for an initial three month project to launch their simple yet powerful tool to the meetings and events sector in the UK.

The Result

Mexia sprang into action, immediately seizing the timely opportunity to leverage sli.do’s unique position as developers of the first app for event moderators for Google Glass. Using industry contacts, Mexia devised the concept of a wearable tech debate, taking a hands-on look at the exclusive Google Glass devices, which sli.do had access to as developers and as yet were unavailable to the general public. Working with Mexia clients Twickenham Experience, we connected both parties and worked on a joint initiative to gather leading industry professionals in an exclusive event at the prestigious Twickenham Stadium. A joint press release was developed and a partnership with C&IT Magazine ensured video capture of the event and interviews.

Leveraging industry knowledge and contacts, Mexia introduced sli.do to a number of live event opportunities, including involvement in Central Hall Westminster’s Meet the Future event, where sli.do secure a significant number of enquiries, and the UK Meetings Show.

In addition to the live event opportunities created by Mexia, we used our SPACEMAP prompt to devise a news pipeline as well as identifying forward feature and blogging opportunities to secure high value media coverage for the firm.

The PR programme has driven sli.do to become a known name amongst meetings industry professionals in a mere three months, with 26 media articles and a reach of 515,000. In addition to the media opportunities, Mexia has secured a number of high profile live event opportunities for sli.do which have generated significant business for the company.

About the Client

sli.do is an award-winning online platform for Q&A at conferences and events. With its simple-to-use format, sli.do gives a voice to everyone in your event audience, ensuring no question goes unasked by offering anonymous posts and empowering moderators to encourage interaction. sli.do also developed the first app for event moderators for Google Glass.