Changing the face of UK conference venue wi-fi for ABPCO

The Conference Cloud campaign was developed based on feedback from ABPCO’s PCO members, concerned about the costs incurred by delegates when using Wi-Fi to interact at conferences. ABPCO believed that UK conference venues could no longer look to charge delegates for accessing Wi-Fi networks if they wanted to stay competitive and deliver a quality delegate experience. It was time to get venues and PCOs talking to work on how to deliver free Wi-Fi for conference delegates.

Campaign aims:

  • To raise awareness of the importance of offering free delegate Wi-Fi amongst:
    • UK conference venues
    • PCOs and event organisers
  • To gain the support of individuals via an online petition
  • To create a list of venues offering free Wi-Fi to conference delegates across the UK to assist event planners
  • To encourage large conference venues, such as convention centres, to support the campaign by offering free Wi-Fi.

The Result

In the initial six month period Mexia had achieved over fifty articles in print and online media. The calculated Advertising Equivalent Value of the PR coverage achieved by the campaign was almost £500,000 worth of exposure, representing a huge ROI for ABPCO.

In terms of the campaign itself, to date there are 200 venue sites committed to offering free Wi-Fi to conference delegates, including several major UK convention centres.

Mexia Communications was awarded Gold in the prestigious 2012 MIMA Awards (Meetings Industry Marketing Award) for our work on the ABPCO Conference Cloud campaign.

About the Client

The Association of British Professional Conference Organisers (ABPCO) is the only UK professional body to represent the interests of individual Professional Conference Organisers (PCOs).

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